Piracy Gun

Anti-Piracy System PSJ1004





To counter the growing threat of maritime piracy, Tanktech and Moim consulting have come up with a non-lethal piracy deterrence system. Contact shyam@moimconsulting.com or call +821068897818.


PSJ series is an innovative water-jet system which defends the vessel against forced boarding by the pirates. It consists of water jet nozzle mounted on the shipside, rotating 150 degrees and continuously shooting a high pressure stream of water. It can be installed on all kind of vessels and is especially suitable for oil, chemical, LPG and LNG ships as it is intrinsically safe.


● Non-Lethal Deterrent by High pressure Water JET
● No Extra Job and Equipment, Just PLUG & PLAY
● Insurance Benefit Premium Discount by Marsh Ltd.
● Unmanned Operation and Maintenance-free Design
● Intrinsically Safe for ALL TYPE of Vessels
● Low Water Consumption with Maximum Power
● 26 ㎥/hr at 8 bar with 38 meter length jet coverage(per unit)
● Proven Technologies from Programmable Tank Cleaning M/C
● Special Requirement also Available


Anti-Piracy Solution

Actual coverage

A ship forward (green-color highlighted), is impossible to hijack by pirates due to sharp angle of shipshape. Red-color highlighted area is actually covered by PSJ JET GUNs.


● Flow : 26㎥/h
● Jet pressure : 8 ~10 bar
● Rotation speed : 9 ~ 15sec at 8bar
● Rotation angle : 150°
● Length : 748mm
● Weight : 19kg
● Connection type : flange or coupling


Description Material
Inlet body AC4C
Jet gun ALBC/SUS316
Quick coupling On request
Supporting device Carbon Steel

Optimized Machine Number for each type of vessel(for reference)

Vessel typen VLCC Suezmax Aframax Panamax Handy
Length(Total) 335m 274m 253m 228m 183m
Actual coverage
240m 200m 160m 228m 183m
DWT 300K 150K 120K 65K 50K
No of Machines 1 12 10 8 6 ≤6

[1] No of machines is based on the machine set intervals (approx. 38m) around the ship on handrails. To verify the exact number of the required machine, please advise “General Arrangement Drawing” and “Fire Diagram Drawing”.

Machine Number List(for reference)

No of machines
per vessel type
VLCC Qt’y of machine 5 sets 5 sets 2 sets - sets
Total 12 sets/ship
Suez-max Qt’y of machine 4 sets 4 sets 2 sets - sets
Total 10 sets/ship
Afra-max Qt’y of machine 3 sets 3 sets 2 sets - sets
Total 8 sets/ship

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